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Organic Modernism

Jennifer Daversa | 09/03/2019

Organic Modernism: The architectural style that can improve your health and boost your mood

Depression, Anxiety disorders and Stress levels are at an all-time high across the US. Physically, we battle cardiovascular disease, cancer, allergies and a long list of disease. Intuitively we understand that our home and work environments can have an enormous impact on how we feel.  With the skyrocketing popularity of minimalism, tiny homes and KonMari, it’s clear we’re making the connection between our space and body.

What is Organic Modernism?


Modernism is a broad architectural style that centers around simplicity, functionality, and a lack of ornamentation. Historically it’s a rejection of traditional styles and makes heavy use of steel, concrete, and glass. This is the style commonly associated with flat roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, clean lines, and neutral colors.

Organic architecture, a design style created by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, features "location" at the center of the design. Under his principles, the home is created for the location, appearing to grow from its site. Lloyd stresses a balance between building, landscape, and life. Organic design seeks to create a flow from indoors to outdoors and harness the elements of the location. This style incorporates materials like native woods and stones.

When Organic and Modernist styles combine, something magical happens. Those clean-lined, simplistic spaces are warmed by local wood accents and stone. Glass sliders fully open to shaded garden courtyards and cohesive outdoor living spaces. Cross breezes flow through the corridors and every room purposefully showcases outdoor views. The result is a calm, clear space rooted in nature, a structure sustainably built to endure the elements, and a home brimming with individuality. 

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"We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us"

-Winston Churchill

Research shows lighting, design elements, clutter and air quality all have an effect on how we feel.

Organic Modernist architecture strives to blur the line between indoors and out. Rooms are filled with natural light and spaces are created to promote outdoor living. Spending time in natural light has been found to improve mood, decrease depression and increase the production of Vitamin D, the vitamin that protects us from Osteoporosis, Cancer, and Heart Disease.

Natural Light

Ron Rosenzweig, Inc.

Design Elements

Outdoor Trend - Make the outdoors part of your living space. Flooring that flows from inside to the outside, pocket sliders for open access and outdoor living rooms.

Spaces that include plants, courtyards, and natural materials are known to have a calming effect that helps to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure and lessen the severity of headaches. Likewise, studies show hospital rooms with visible outside views help patients recover faster. 

The backbone of Modernist Architecture is simplicity. According to a study published in Current Psychology, cluttered homes are closely tied to procrastination, increased frustration, and elevated levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol.


Example of a large beach style u-shaped medium tone wood floor, brown floor and exposed beam kitchen pantry design in Miami with a farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, white cabinets, blue backsplash, mar

Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor Trend - Make the outdoors part of your living space. Flooring that flows from inside to the outside, pocket sliders for open access and outdoor living rooms.

A 2010 Harvard Medical School Study calculated the average American will spend 90% of their life indoors. Evidence shows Indoor air can be worse than seriously polluted outside air, even in highly industrialized areas. A home closed off with little ventilation, carpets that collect dust and dander, and dusty Knick-knacks all contribute to poor air quality. 


As a society, the need to nurture our mental and physical health has never been greater. Each day we face the heavy pressure of constant connection and the continuous pull of our attention. We spend so much time and energy just trying to keep up with daily demands that we forget to breathe. When was the last time you sat under a shady tree reading a book or felt the breeze sweep over your skin?  Wellness is something we all need a little more of. Organic Modern home design is an uninterrupted reminder that our physical and mental health should take center stage in our lives. 

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